• Thomas Electronics of Australia

    Thomas Global Systems provides sophisticated and innovative electronic systems solutions for aerospace, defense and commercial markets.

  • Thomas Electronics of Australia

    Through Thomas Electronics, we are a global leader in avionic display systems. We also have strong businesses in defense systems, simulation and through-life technology support. Our products are used with confidence by airlines, MROs and defense forces.

  • Thomas Electronics of Australia

    We leverage our unique technology base to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the most demanding requirements of our global customer base.  We welcome the ongoing challenge.



  • Avionic Display Systems
  • CRT Display Unit Support
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Filter Panels
  • LCD Retrofit Display Units

Defense Systems

  • Electronic Systems
  • Display Technology
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Through Life Support
  • Military & Ruggedized Displays


  • System Design & Manufacture
  • CRT Projection Tubes
  • Facsimile Displays
  • Display Repairs
  • Obsolescence Management


  • Specialized Display Systems
  • LCD Panel Repair
  • LCD Monitor Repair